Furthermore, the human-hyena conflict is in the focus of the research project of Torsten Bohm and SAVE. There is a great lack of knowledge on spotted hyenas within the indigenous population. Due to the lack of knowledge there is little interest in the protection of these animals. On the contrary, the animals are often mistaken as a threat for humans and livestock. Through interviews with the local population the conflict will be assessed and investigated in detail. To determine what causes the conflicts between humans and predators will help in the search for new solutions.

Within the last year, frequented attacks of spotted hyenas on goats in the village Mbomo were reported. Currently, SAVE is providing funds to the national park administration to build night enclosures for goats. The night is the main activity phase of spotted hyenas and all attacks on goats were reported during the night. During future studies, it will be investigated why, which and how many hyenas attack the goats in the village. In the best case, only a few individual spotted hyenas are responsible for the attacks. Scat analysis for the determination of the diet, determination of the prey abundance, camera traps and GPS-collars will help to find the reasons for these attacks and how many spotted hyenas are involved. Furthermore, SAVE will also have an eye on the efficiency of the enclosures for the protection of the goats in the village and if necessary will implement more protection actions.

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