A newly formed nature and environment protection foundation from Wülfrath came 2nd for the German Animal Protection Award
Thursday, 15 September 2011 11:19

SAVE Wildlfe Conservation Fund combines helping children and animal protection in Africa in an extraordinary way.

As few as 10 months after the organization was launched, the association has been awarded the 2nd prize in this year’s Animal Protection Award. For the newly formed nature and environment protection foundation, SAVE Wildlife Conservation Fund, it was a satisfying reward for hard and relentless pioneer work in their first few months.

On September 13th, 2011, a ceremonial prize-giving was held in the Man and Nature Museum in Nymphenburg, Munich. The founder of the organization, Lars Gorschlüter joyfully accepted the second prize – 2000 Euros granted by FUNK UHR magazine along with Pedigree and Whiskas brands and the German Animal Protection Association. He was moved by the quick success of his work: ‘We as managers have to have a positive influence on the things in this world and do everything we can to enable future generations to enjoy our planet with everything it offers now. This award is a perfect confirmation for us that we are on the right track. It is, at the same time, a signal to help other managers in this country’.

The jury made their decision to award Mr Lars Gorschlüter and his SAVE Wildlife Conservation Fund for the fact that the entrepreneur supports many endangered species protection programs financially and endorses understanding of the need for the well-being of animals in his company - Gotec GmbH. At the moment, the major aims of the project are connected with Botswana and Africa but SAVE plans to get involved in Germany in the future. Projects for supporting schools and bird protection means in North-Rhine Westphalia are being carefully planned.

In the meantime, SAVE is supporting six species protection projects in Botswana, Africa: the great migration of zebras is put into scrutiny as are dangerous impacts on lion population. A special project will be launched to take care of one of the most endangered species: African wild dogs, the number of which in the entire world does not exceed 5000. In the centre where the foundation works there are several projects going on in which, animal protection is joined with ecological education for handicapped children.

AIDS infected orphans find shelter in the child protection centre Bana Ba Ditlou in Northern Botswana. Besides child care the centre also educates the kids by, taking them on trips to the national parks, readings of animal trails and meetings with lion researchers. The launching of the next project is ready: SAVE wants to take care of the forsaken children in the Kalahari. 700 children will get food, care, and access to learning and they will, of course, be included in SAVE’s nature protection educational programme. In accordance with the foundation’s policy, it is of the utmost importance for the survival of African forests where lions and other predators too often get killed by farmers to bring the value of the unique animal world closer to children. That is the goal of SAVE.

By the way: if you want to get acquainted with SAVE’s work: On September 18 during the World Children’s Day meet us on the promenade by Rhine