Downfall of Rainforest-Hotspot for Palm Oil Plantations
Monday, 16 May 2011 08:40
Near Korup National Park

First Indonesia, now Cameroon!

The rainforests on the golf of Guinea in Cameroon and Nigeria are the so called hotspot of bio diversity. Rare ones of twisting and chimpanzee live in the region, forest elephants, gorillas and leopards. With that could be soon the end. In the midst of the forest block a palm oil plantation is to develop. For it are approx. 70,000 hectares nature forest and small rural landscape to yield. A disaster for the rainforests of Cameroon; more fatal than the planned motorway through Serengeti. A coherent singular ecological system would be cut also here into two parts. Insulating protected areas would be the fall for many unique animal and plant types.

Destruction of Habitat - Marketed as Development Assistance?

Those approx. 45,000 humans in the 38 small villages at the edge of the protected areas live since generations of and with the rain forest. Permanently their entire basis of existence was destroyed by the deforestation. The nonprofit organization „All for Africa" markets the planned palm oil plantation as lasting development project, which would create allegedly several ten thousand jobs for the population. Experiences from Asia show however: that is usually a deception package. After the large companies removed the tropical wood, nothing remains for the rural population as rooted out surfaces. On the plantations they work then at best to exploitative low wages.

Men in the Village Masaka Mokango

Herakles Farms, a big company from the USA, initiates the plantation. The Blackstone Group got an offer to fund this project.

Current Conditions: the Bulldozers back on

The permission for the plantation was given by the government without the agreement of the local villages and land owners. When bulldozers engaged in the village Fabe, the population showed up most annoyed and furious. A large number of young people protested and managed to expel bulldozers out.

SAVE wants to protect this nature.

SAVE fights for Humans and Nature against the Deforestation

SAVE Wildlife Conservation Found asked investor Blackstone in a letter for an official statement - without reaction. Together with a world-wide signature action with the organization rain forest pressure is to be put on the enterprise as well as on all involved ones, so that a deforestation of the surfaces can be avoided, thereby ultimately facts are created. There are substantial doubts whether an environmental impact assessment took place only to some extent. Over 18.000 people have already signed. SAVE requires all the responsible persons not to parcel out this incomparable ecological system and not to rob humans their base of life.